June 5

About Jacob


Jacob Paul Patchen was born and raised outside of Byesville, Ohio where he spent his youth tormenting babysitters and hiding in trees. Patchen earns his inspiration through experience, where he writes about the things that have built him: Love, Family, War, Sex, and Drinking.


Jacob is an award winning poet, author, blogger, and combat veteran. He earned his stripes with his debut 5 star rated book, Life Lessons from Grandpa and His Chicken Coop: A Playful Journey Through Some Serious Sh*tpublished in 2015. Jacob has also been selected as a finalist in several poetry competitions, as well as, published by numerous literary journals, including New Millennium Writings, 0-Dark-Thirty, The Dead Writers Patrol, and Lost Lake Folk Opera magazine.


Patchen started writing when he was 12 years old when his parents divorced. He continued writing through high school and relied on poetry as a way to understand the world around him. Jacob enlisted into the Marine Corps. Infantry in 2003. In 2005 he was deployed to Al Anbar Province Iraq, where he took part in liberating the major cities of Hit and Haditha, along with several smaller villages along the Euphrates River. Jacob didn’t start writing about his experiences in Iraq until a few years later while studying Creative Writing at Muskingum University.


Jacob Paul Patchen writes in several genres.

Poetry: Of Love and War (Adelaide Books, 2018)

Creative Nonfiction: Life Lessons from Grandpa and his Chicken Coop [Createspace, 2015]

Talking S.H.I.T. (Social, Humorous, and Inspirational Thoughts) [Createspace, 2017]

Children’s Picture Book Series: Words That Matter [TouchPoint Press, 2019]

YA Fiction: At Daddy’s Hands [currently writing]

Jacob also blogs about social issues and the humor that often surrounds them.



  1. By Chris on

    Hi Jacob,

    I’ll be putting my tax dollars to good use by having my local library here in NY order your latest book. I’d also like to buy a copy, but let me know if there’s an outlet you prefer. For example, some authors want the book bought on Amazon so they get the sales ranking, but others like to turnover their personal stock for more profit.

    Let me know via email, if you don’t mind.

    1. By Jacob Paul Patchen (Post author) on

      Hello Chris,

      Thank you so much for reaching out! I have sent you an email regarding your question. I truly appreciate your support. It means a lot. Thank you!

  2. By Cindy on

    Just received your book today. I’m to chapter 5. Enjoying it very much. I like your blog too, very funny.
    Congrats on your 30 days adventure! I’ll be reading
    Go Steelers! That was one hell of a game!! I’m life long Steeler fan! 😀

    1. By Jacob Paul Patchen (Post author) on

      haha I “almost” didn’t approve this message because of the Steelers comment!! Thank you so much for reading my blog and book. I cannot begin to tell you how much that means to me. I really appreciate it! Go… Browns?!?! (I might be changing my team)


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