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LMFAO!! (Lick My Face All Over)??

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Look, could we pleeeease stop making up new acronyms for every single little phrase that we say on social media. I’m over here scrolling though different social media feeds, trying to see what all of these strangers have to say, but I can’t even begin to creep because they’re writing […]

Tits and Ass

tits and ass

Sooo, I’m a facebooker. I’ll openly and shamelessly admit that. I pay more attention to facebook than I do to my imaginary girlfriend (and let me tell ya, that doesn’t go over well at home). I think the thing that interests me the most about the facebook community (other than […]

Bumpy Roads

bumpy road

Bumpy roads will lead you home. Well, in my case, anyway, it usually leads to me picking up all the loose change that ended up popping out of the center console from my inability to give a damn on back roads (for some reason, the freedom of those country roads […]

Why Do I Do It?

why do i do it

I’m cruising down some back road, mid-July, with the windows down, the country music loud (probably too loud), watching the stars and the dust fly up in the red glow of the one good taillight of my old blazer; I’m 16 years old and just out driving around because I […]

Finding Love in a Bar

love in a bar

There you are, in what you think is your lucky shirt, sitting at the bar laughing, drinking and having a good time with your buddies when all of a sudden, you look up and happen to notice some beautiful little thing standing off in the corner with some of her […]

A Veteran’s 4th of July

veterans 4th of july

As the 4th of July is upon us, I can’t help but to think about where we would be if we did not have people like the ones I served with, to stand up for our beliefs and protect our Constitution and freedoms. I am truly forever grateful for those […]

The Perfect Body

perfect body

I once had a girl tell me that I had the “perfect body”…but not long after that, she passed out into a drunken stooper, drooled all over my pillow and snored for 9 hours straight. When she woke up, she threw up, and then slept/snored for 2 more long, long […]

Speaking From A Burnt Tongue

burnt tongue

Wisdom, in its infant stages, is nothing more than ignorance and courage. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time wondering where I fit in in this world. And, if that wasn’t such a damned cliché, then I would actually feel somewhat philosophical about the whole thing. But the truth is, […]

Finding the G Spot

finding g spot

FYI: For those of you who don’t know, I often reach out to my Facebook friends for topic ideas. It’s not that I lack the creativity to come up with my own (I think I’m actually winning so far if we put it to a count), but I like to […]

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