October 6

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Omega-3’s: Basically Awesome

(Post Three)


So, if you haven’t heard yet, Omega-3 fatty acids are basically nature’s gift to man (and woman).


Found primarily in fish, plants and nuts, omega-3’s health benefits are numerous, generous, and downright awesome.


Let’s take a closer look at how omega-3’s can change your life.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids Health Benefits*


  1. They can lower your blood’s triglycerides (blood fat) making for a healthier and happier heart.
  1. They can help with joint pain from arthritis and boost efficiency of anti-inflammatory drugs.
  1. Omega-3’s can help regulate depression and boost effectiveness of anti-depressant drugs.
  1. They may help neurological and visual development in infants.
  1. Omega-3’s help to lower inflammation, which could help to ease the effects of asthma.
  1. Some studies suggest that Omega-3’s can help with ADHD, improve memory, thinking, and learning skills.
  1. Some research has shown that Omega-3’s can help deter Alzheimer’s and Dementia, as well as, overall memory retention.


*According to WebMD.com


If you would like to explore the benefits of an all-natural and organic Omega-3 supplement for yourself, go to FREZZOR.com/jacobgraham and order a 3 month supply.


And with FREZZOR’s 90 day money back guarantee, what do you really have to lose?



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  New Zealand: It’s Pretty Much Organic

(Post Two)


New Zealand is becoming a big deal in the health craze ideology that has been ever sweeping across the United States (and world) since the beginning of time (probably).


To keep it short and sweet, here are my top 3 reasons that make New Zealand (and FREZZOR.com) an ideal selection for your health supplement needs.


  1. Environment


One of the most influential factors in making New Zealand products unique is that the country itself was isolated for millions of years. This has allowed New Zealand’s plants and animals to evolve into a self-sustaining, super environment.


In other words, New Zealand is like a survivalist prepper during the Zombie apocalypse.


  1. Weather


As a one-time, half-a-summer gardener, I can tell you just how important weather is to growing good plants. Very.


New Zealand has the perfect climate (temperature, rain, and mix of sun and clouds) for growing. Thus (look at me getting all fancy), being ideal for its many farms, crops, unique plant life, and healthy, organic ingredients.


  1. Culture


New Zealand is a warm and friendly place that knows the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. It still has a deep tradition of “natural” medicines. With numerous health shops that carry organic New Zealand supplements and vitamins, healthy living is a part of their culture.


Hell, it might even be the location of the Fountain of Youth!*

(*I made that up)


New Zealand = All-Natural

All-Natural = Organic

Organic = Healthy

Healthy = Good

Good = FREZZOR.com


FREZZOR.com is a New Zealand Company that promotes an all-natural, organic, and clean product. FREZZOR.com’s supplements are packed full of its self-sustaining ecosystem, a friendly and healthy life-style, all-natural and organic ingredients, picked at the peak of ripeness, and hand-selected finest natural ingredients, while wrapped with a friendly, healthy smile and 90-day, unconditional money back guarantee.


Come check it out for yourself.



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Bringing Young Back 

(Post One)


Well, let’s face it, young people get old and old people get older (well, until a certain point, anyway). No one is as young as they were yesterday. We ache, we crack, we pop, we grunt, we sleep and moan our way through the day.


And no one will ever be as youthful as they are right now (ok, given the advances in modern science and medicine, and the search for the fountain of youth… there may actually be some hope).


But until then, what can we do to feel better? What can we do to keep active, without breaking ourselves or resting for 2 weeks after?


It seems that every year there is a new “miracle” supplement, some weight loss break through or detox, or pill that takes you back to your twenties.


You’ve seen it. It scrolls up your Facebook newsfeed, it comes up in conversations about that extra weight you put on in the winter. The idea of health benefits without spending hours in the gym is just too beautiful to let go.


I understand. I have my old days too. But as an active athlete for the entirety of my life, so far, I find myself a bit skeptical when it comes to the supplement craze.


Now, don’t get me wrong… I’ve done the Creatine thing back in high school, I’ve tried whey protein, omega-3, vitamin d, and Bud Light. (And I don’t recommend Bud Light before a long run… don’t ask me how I know.)


But it’s not as easy as it used to be, to go hit the gym for an hour, or bust out 3 miles real quick. Hell, I get winded when I eat too fast, let alone sprinting my hill three times a week.


And let’s be honest, nobody wants to be the fat kid, or the tall glass of water. But after the Marines and football… I don’t move like I used to. Putting on socks and tying my shoes is an exercise all in itself. From knee surgery, to shrinking half an inch after Iraq, to rolled ankles, stiff joints, to a complete lack of energy and desire… my thirties are starting to piss me off.


So, I’ve decided to check out the supplement game.


I’ve come across a New Zealand company, FREZZOR.com (also based in California), that was looking for a blogger to write about their product. After a few weeks of discussion, we decided that we would enter into an agreement: They will send me products for me to sample, and I will write about them.


Initially I asked why their products are better than others. Well, FREZZOR.COM boasts that their product is superior because it is an all-natural, organic, product of New Zealand.


So what is it that makes New Zealand products better than others? Well, that will be my next blog topic.

Follow along with me on this journey as I test drive their Omega-3, Whey Protein, Detox, and Superfood Performance Shake. You can find my posts on the right side of my homepage under the “Writing Healthy” tab.


And if you go check them out, you can give me a little credit by going to FREZZOR.com/jacobgraham



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