COMING MAY 24TH, 2022!!

on PTSD and the strength of love and family

FIRST PLACE WINNER of the 2021 Bookshelf Writing Contest – Fiction

MAY 24TH, 2022 Release

Sgt. Grimm’s pistol tastes like bourbon.

Another war in the Middle East leaves Marine Sergeant JP Grimm punishing himself for not pulling the trigger on a boy in a suicide vest. Now, in the unsettling comfort of his home, JP struggles to reconnect with his own son, Adin. Sensing his distance and hardheaded stance against help, his wife tries to give him space, love, and time to work through his shame and guilt on his own terms. But as her husband’s PTSD symptoms and behavior deteriorates, and he seeks comfort in his pistol and whiskey, her love can only go so far.

As the world shows signs of impending doom from a weakening magnetic field and flaring sun, JP, too, shows signs of his own impending doom. After pushing everyone away, JP must face his demons to reconnect with his son before he becomes his enemy, save his marriage, and save himself before the modern world burns out in a fiery, electromagnetic disaster.