Published Poetry

You can find some of my other poetry online and in these Literary Journals.

I am also currently sending out my full length poetry collection called, Of Love and War.



GFT Presents: One in Four Vol. 1 Issue 2

“To be the Westward Sky at Sunset”

“We Sleep with Mice and Vipers”

“Fireflies on the City” was published online by GFT Press in their Ground Fresh Thursdays section.


Veterans Writing Project: O-Dark-Thirty Vol. 4 No. 4

“Dying in the Light”


Online by The American Journal of Poetry (

“Shadows in the Lamplight”


Military Experience & the Arts journal: As You Were (Spring/Summer 2017)

“Death Letter”


Online GNU Journal



Lost Lake Folk Opera Literary Magazine Vol. 4 No. 1

“Mortar Us”

“The Pistol on my Nightstand”

“On Seeing the Ginger from across the Bar and Hoping that She’s Easy”


The Deadly Writers Patrol 12 Spring 2017

“Lime Trees in Paradise”

“Throwing Rocks at the Shitter and Me”

“Of Love and War”


New Millennium Writings (2017 /2018)

“Dog Barking at 4 a.m. on a Wednesday Morning”

*was selected as a finalist in the 43rd New Millennium Awards for Poetry and published by New Millennium Writings.


Edify Fiction Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2

“How to Hold Your Head Up”



“Tall Girls in High Heels”

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