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Where We Come From


This time of year always gets to me. I remember mother’s “countdown to Christmas” calendar where we would peel open one window for each day. And literally, the first thing in the morning, running barefoot to the kitchen in nothing but my tighty-whities, peeling open that window counting down 22, […]

Drunk Jake: The Warrior

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He’s a pretty fun guy, charming even; out there among the laughter and the good times, careless and fearless for reprisals. He’s a hero to those who walk this Earth in anxious chains; a true badass in the face of the cares and care-nots; a renegade, charging headfast into your […]

This Is Not Liberty


**Warning: possible political post and probable political incorrectness ahead.** America, the modern day symbol of Freedom, where you are forced to give up a fourth of your income to support programs that give it to those who do not earn it; a place where any citizen can be President, as […]

Meh… Christmas

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Was it just me, or were there others who found it a little more difficult to get into the Christmas spirit this year? I don’t know if it was the 108 degree weather, here, in Ohio, or maybe the sunburn I got from taking out the trash shirtless the other […]

This Is What We Sacrifice For

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This Veterans Day, as I think about and reflect upon the sacrifices made, not just by the brave men and women that I served with, but also, by the long line of courageous and honorable men and women who have kept this country free from the start of our Independence, […]

Halloween Sluts and Creepy Creeps

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Well, it’s upon us, folks. Another spooky Halloween. The one weekend out of the year where all of the half-naked ghouls and goblins, sexy mini-skirt zombies, and cleavage clad whatchya-ma-call-its, come out to play. And, let’s just be honest, forget about Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween has become our new favorite […]

The Dead and The Dying

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What has happened to our hometown? What has happened to our friends, our family; our prom dates and teammates, our jungle gym buddies and secret keepers, our brothers, our sisters, our daughters and sons? What is happening to the people that we love? Folks, what have we done? Why are […]

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